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Foxxy Roxx

About Me

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Name: Dave "Bat" Foxx
Sign: Gemini
Nickname: Foxxy
Favorite rockstar: David Bowie
Favorite potion: Rye
Personal anthem: Life on Mars
The undisputed king of London clubs, Dave "Bat" Foxx has been creating the city's most fabulous nightlife environments for almost 10 years. And with the sparkling atmosphere of Gravity Club as his crowning glory, it's obvious that the man will always have the magic touch. Goth, glam, metal, fetish, or mod- whatever gets ya goin', Foxx has (or has had) a club for you. In addition to conjuring It-spots like The Heaven, The Fetish Club, and ERG, and deejaying hipster hotbeds like Kave and Altitudes back in the day, he's currently involved with local favorites like Perversion, Chamber 13, Satellite, Shout, and Booking Indie Rock Superbands...whew, you might say he's a veritable sonic Superman! But it's the monthly night of dressing up and getting down known as Perversion, and the fashionably fearless people who come each month, that really get him excited these days. "You walk in and feel the energy right away," Foxx explains about his shining shindig. "Everyone comes with the desire to be part of it.

written by John B Thomas
BMP Magazine