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Gravity Club Write Up!!

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Another week, and another scorching time at GRAVITY CLUB! This last evening past, London glamour-pusses schlepped their hip and Heatherette-clad carcasses way up the strip to booze and schmooze at our spacious club.
Towering trannies rubbed elbows and other appendages with Dot Com darlins, and a grand time was had by all: everyone from sunburned muscle-bound cruisin' dudes to kimono-clad hussies, twisted evil candy cane cuties to skinny mini supermodel types, tattooed terrors to unsuspecting tourists.
Dj Peachez spun sexy beats for the VIP set, and Canada's legend
Dave Foxx left us dazed in a state of pimpnosis.  Keep those naughty tunes a comin'!
All this and more, at GRAVITY CLUB-----The glamour gutter you've been dreaming of, and hot spot where fantasies come true!
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LAST CALL: Gravity pulls you into the underground

There is often talk of nightclubs that are a part of London's "underground" music scene. But recently I found a place that would have to be classified as under the underground. The Gravity Club on Talbot Street is about as far out on the fringe as you can get.

Never heard of it? Never seen it? I'm not surprised. The Gravity Club has been open for about six months but kept itself very quiet to the public until recently. Now that it's developed a confident persona and following, the Gravity Club is ready for the general public.

Not sure where it is? Start from the patio of the Market Square. Look south down Talbot Street and you'll see a strobe light flashing outside the Gravity Club's door. Even the walk into Gravity Club tells you that you're in for something completely different. It's a long graffiti-filled hallway that leads to a tall set of stairs. Once inside, the Gravity Club is eerily dark and seemingly decorated by the propmaster from Blade Runner. Chain-link fencing sections off the stage and bar areas. Cutting edge music blares from an impressive sound system. You expect to see Andy Warhol relaxing on one of the couches.

Because the Gravity Club is fairly small and remotely located, it's an ideal set-up for the club's theme nights and private functions. Three times a month the club has specialty nights including its most popular event, "Club Perversion" (next slated for Dec. 7), a kind of erotica/fetish dance party for the truly unabashed.

Friday nights DJ Dave plays retro synth-pop, Thursdays and Saturdays he spins the club's mainstay of hardcore alternative. Live bands are featured occasionally.

The Gravity Club is, well, it's a little different. This isn't your typical nightclub in any sense of the word. And while the Gravity Club won't appeal to everyone, it is truly unique to this city. If you're bored with generic dance clubs and looking for something completely different, it's upstairs at the Gravity Club.

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355 1/2 Talbot St., London, Ont.

LAST CALL: Gravity Club's Perversion night beyond the fringe

Jamie Vandermoer
London This Week

From the street it looks like nothing but a doorway. Step inside and you're greeted with a long narrow hallway. It's eerie from your first step and it's about to get a whole lot stranger. Walk up the stairway and you've entered the world of the Gravity Club, a nightclub that's not just on the fringe; it's completely detached from the real world.

If Clive Barker, or maybe the Munsters, designed a nightclub, this would be it. It's dark, haunting and almost surreal. Even the staff lives the Gravity Club lifestyle. Just take a look at bartender Brad or DJ Dave and you'll know what I mean.

But the Gravity Club has undergone some big changes over the past few months. Recently the club introduced live bands as its staple weekend entertainment. As you might expect, the bands are edgy, raw and play with bone-jarring enthusiasm from an elevated stage surrounded by chain-mail fencing.

The biggest update is the return of Club Perversion, the Gravity Club's most infamous and popular night. This Saturday marks the return of Club Perversion, an anything-goes-and-usually-does kind of celebration that prefers patrons wear "rubber, leather, vinyl, fetish, glam, gothic or formal." Whatever your style, leave your jeans at home, they won't be permitted.

Perversion was put on a brief hiatus after management tried to run it weekly. That proved to be just a little too often for a full-blown fetish party of this kind and so it comes back bigger, wilder and stronger than ever as a regular monthly event. Saturday's party promises "go-go freaks," "erotic theatre" and the ever popular "players cage."

To look at me, you'd probably pick me as the last guy in the world to get excited about Club Perversion. I don't own any leather clothing, don't have any piercings and never wear black makeup. But the Gravity's Club Perversion night offers something truly different, something that's a step outside -- make that several steps outside -- the usual everyday dance club.

Club Perversion, and the Gravity Club in general, won't appeal to the masses. It might even be a turn-off to some. But if you want to see and experience something really unusual, this is your kind of place.

Tough Times on Talbot Street

Say goodbye to two upstairs nightclubs on Talbot Street. The Gravity Lounge near King Street closed its doors abruptly a couple of weeks ago. The highly alternative club was best known for its dark, haunting atmosphere, independent bands and an infamous Club Perversion night. Don't despair, co-owner Dave Foxx has plans for a new "spawn of Gravity" nightclub on Dundas Street slated to open in the near future. Perversion fans rejoice!!