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Foxxy Roxx

Contact & FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get my CD or press kit to Dave?

A. The best way to get your CD's to Dave is by sending them to the home address. He will get them and does listen to them.

Dave Foxx
41 Adelaide St unit 11
London Ontario N6B-3P4

Q. Can I send an e-mail to Dave?

A. Dave has access to e-mail. The e-mail addresses listed on the this site finally works! or

Q. Where do the playlists come from?

A. Either Dave sends a fax after the a show, which gets typed and entered on the site, or Dave has someone type it up and e-mail it to me. These are the actual songs played during Dave's show.

Q. Can I listen to Dave's show on the internet?
A. No. Unfortunately, the company that owns the radio station has a policy against broadcasting thier shows over the internet.
Q. Is Dave normally booked all the time?
A. No, Dave hand picks all the gigs he does, he's known for travelling all arround north america.

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