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Hollywood Write up!!

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~ Club Makeup's ~
Hollywood Glamour Report - May 2004
Your Monthly Dish On What's Happening Inside America's Hottest Nightclub!
Beautifully written by Sybil Merrymount

"Pink on the bing of your cherry, Pink cause you are so very"
- Steven Tyler - Aerosmith

Club Makeup's May brings to Hollywood a very "Pretty In Pink / Ultimate 80's New Wave Dance Party"

Geometric hair, skinny ties, and a shitload of painted faces was theme of this months
monthly gala gathering as Club Makeup hosted "A Pretty In Pink / Ultimate 80's New Wave Celebration". A time that clearly reminded us of when films like "The Breakfast Club" ruled the social scene and Terri Nunn of Berlin ruled the airwaves. But have no fear, it wasn't as bad as we all remembered it to be thanks in part to the imaginative cast,
crew and attendees of the most famous nightclub in the world. The Makeup family put their own spin on it making it a very creative evening that had a lot of people visibly
joking to the disastrous fashion era that we call the 80''s.

Makeup's musical director Xander Smith once again assembled a cast of crazy mother fuckers for a midnight show that still manages to intrigue's the senses and burn in your brain that Makeup's midnight shows are a force not to be reckon with.

The show consistently showcases the best damn performers and musicians on the
planet. A kick ass 45 minute midnight rock show was once again flawless with true
artists (and I say ARTISTS) such as Makeup's own Queen Bitch Mz. Alanna (taking on Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Round), Texas Terri (shoving Billy Idol's "Dancing WIth Myself" down your throat and making you like it), International French Sensation
Morganne (glamorizing Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams"), San Francisco's - Miss Trannyshack - Steve Lady ("Tainting Our Love" with Soft Cell's classic hit), Makeup's
out of her mind misfit Candy Ass (showing us her pink side with The Psychedelic Furs "Pretty In Pink") Blond bombshell diva Mavis (sending out a new meaning to Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop"), that crazy bitch Mz. Alanna again with new superstar Makeup
diva Pia (giving Boy George a run for his money in "Church Of The Poison Mind") and Makeup's own musical director Xander Smith (once again showing us his large musical instrument) dueting with a very special surprise bitch who hasn't graced our Makeup stage
in sometime now - Miss Alexis Arquette (in a stunning versions of Simple Mind's
"Don't You Forget About Me") and a word to Miss Arquette we haven't forgot
about you. Where the fu** has your bitch ass been?
You know you shouldn't keep the servants waiting for so long.

The show backed by the loudest and rowdiest band in Hollywood, Makeup's Gutter Gangster All-Stars featured this month, a kick ass guitarist who just happens to be the guitar teacher for the biggest female pop/rock icon in the world in addition to just completing a world wide tour sharing the stage every night with this larger than life icon,
A Makeup stage debut directly from Madonna's "2001 Drowned World Tour" -
Mr. Monte Pittman. Fitting in so perfectly on the stage, Monte displayed a rage
of rock n' roll chaos that treated us to a glimpse of what he does when he is not on
stage with Lady Miss M. Joining in on the chaos was the always slamming
musicianship of Todd Philips (Run Run Run), Abby Travis on bass (KMFDM, Elastica/Abby Travis Band) & Eric Mayron (brutal DLX and all around nice guy)

This month saw the return of Makeup mastermind and promoter Mr. Dave Foxx
as he took off to London Ontario Canada for awhile to discover the natural beauty of life resultiing in Dave missing Septembers sold out Makeup event (a first Makeup event that he has
ever missed) But that's OK, he's back looking and feeling better than ever. Maybe
I should follow his footsteps and take in the fresh air and wonders of the world.
Lord knows it has to be better than some of the stuff that's been inmy body lately.
(mmm?, I guess you can take that statement anyway you want - be creative!)

Did you get your free goodie bag at the end of the evening?
Those kind folks, always taking care of our beauty needs. Lord knows some of you
can use it (not me of course). And speaking of, Miss Jenny..the beautiful
girl who makes all these giveaways happen for you was missing this month. Jenny,
where are thou Miss Jenny? Where's my damn "Material Girl Bath Kit" from September?

Noticeably causing trouble: Alexis & Candy Ass (who else??)

Noticeably using a camera as a weapon: Apollo Starr

Noticeably slapping the shit out of people who tried every excuse at the door:
Door Girl / Bitch Girl: Cin

Noticeably missing & anxiously awaiting (behind closed doors with toys)
Monique Powell, Charlie Paulson, Scarlett, Paul Ill

til next month my beautiful people...

--- Sybil

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