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Foxxy Roxx
Radio Playlist

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Playlist for 2007

Thee Midnighters-Down Whittier Blvd (Godfrey vocal)

Black Tie Revue-Code Fun

Rollingstones-Shes So Cold

Buzzcocks-Wish I Never Loved You

Gore Gore Girls-Casino

Mary Weiss-My Heart is Beating

Mooney Suzuki-99%

Sohodolls-Prince Harry

The Donnas-Wig Wam Bam

The Dollyrots-Alpha Mansion

Morlocks-Teenage Head

Mr Brown-Weird Scene

The Who-Call Me Lightning

Peachfuzz-Hero of Nineteen Eighty Three

The Sonics-Strychnine

Spoon-You Got Yr Cherry Bomb

The Cocktail Slippers-Go Get It

The Charms-Rock & Roll Magazine

The Hate Bombs-Shake

The Electric Flag- Groovin is Easy

The Hentchmen-Some Other Guy

The High Dials-The Holy Ground

Bikini Drag-Boardwalker

The Maggots-I Wanna Be Your Maggot

Firebirds-59 Ford

The Missunderstood-Children of the Sun

The Paybacks-Sleepwalkin

Shazam-Rockin n Rollin With My Rock n Roll

Waldos-Cry Baby

The Woogles-Rock n Roll Backlash

Chuck Berry-Sweet Little Rock n Roller

The Vendettas-The Drag

Greenhornes-Satisfy My Mind

The Concretes-On The Radio

Joey Dee and the Starliters-Peppermint Twist

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