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Foxxy Roxx

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Listen to Dave Foxx on CMR click here

Mondays 11pm-2am
tuesdays-sundays 6pm-11pm




2.50 BEERS  Never a Cover
Start @ 10pm




Name Dave Foxx veritable one man army - Dj/press/promotion machine As a kid Dave Foxx amassed one of the coolest record collections ever, so it made perfect sense that the Ontario. native would become a DJ. London's hottest promoter Dj Dave Foxx represents everything a nightspot should be, "I'm London glam at its finest," he raves. "A walking, talking modern day Studio 54." written John B Thomas I have spent the the last 13 years of my life working in the music industry at major record labels and helping major artists, and my no holds barred approach to getting things done has helped expose the nightlife nova that is London to a whole new legion of admirers. Whether its getting major press coverage or going after superstar talent, I'm a persistent powerhouse that knows what I want and goes for it! The creative freedom is purely orgasmic! 'Stories about his antics include urine, birthday cakes, thongs, tampons, and breaking stuff, but you'll have to get the circumstances out of him or he'll create new ones for you. That's just the kind of guy he is - unpredictable, wacky, obnoxious, over-the-top, and charming. His nuttiness is not mean or malicious, rather at his own expense. I don't have to answer to a bunch of egotistical executives who have no clue, passion, or vision for music or the arts in general, basically - what this industry is made of. Its all about our passion for music, taking chances & having a fu**ing blast while your at it!!!!

Do you have what it takes to be a Foxx Babe?
If you're at least 19 and interested in becoming a Foxx Babe and appearing at Foxx events and promotions, contact Dave Foxx at the address below

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